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  • Community Guidelines

    We are a community dedicated to educators and change makers who are integrating mindfulness into their lives, classrooms, and broader local and global communities. We want to build a supportive, self-reflective, and compassionate community where everyone feels safe to participate.

    We invite you to share your experiences, connect with your fellow educators, and learn from one another here. As educators serving the diverse needs of students around the world, we recognize that we gain strength from diversity. To make this a nurturing and encouraging environment for everyone, we have a few guidelines that we ask everyone in the community to abide by.

    Be mindful

    “Mindful” is in our name. Before you post, take a moment to pause and reflect on how others will receive your contribution.

    Be your authentic self

    We value openness and transparency. We encourage you to use your real photo and name when sharing your experiences. Be human! That's what makes this Community so vibrant – you.

    Ask questions

    We assume good intentions, do our best to act with empathy, and honor everyone’s unique situation. We do not speak for a whole group or express assumptions about the experiences of others. When having difficult conversations, be sure to check for clarity. Usually, asking questions is more useful than making statements when there is a misalignment.

    Be inclusive

    We recognize that our community is diverse and want to create an environment that is inclusive. Inclusivity shows up in avoiding slang and jargon that others might not understand. It also shows up in not making assumptions about socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, political orientation, religious affiliation, available resources, and so forth.

    Practice using “and” instead of “but.” This practice acknowledges and honors multiple lived experiences.

    Stay secular

    As we are a secular organization, we ask that members refrain from making posts that are religious in nature. This includes posting quotes and images with spiritual connotations. We respect the separation of church and state in public education. Our hope is that the resources shared in this community are accessible, shareable, and welcoming to all members regardless of their religious orientation. To read more about our commitment to secularity, you can check out this article.

    No promotional posts

    In order to keep our community focused and engaged, we ask that you not promote fee-based programs, courses or other materials for sale. 

    Trust and privacy

    Your privacy and safety are important to us, which is why we have chosen this closed platform and promise to never give your personal information away. We ask that you please respect the privacy of other members – what is shared here should remain here. If you would like to share a story or photo that is posted here outside of this group, please ask permission from the post’s author. 

    Ask for help

    Our moderators are here to help. Feel free to message a host privately if you are not sure how to handle a situation.

    However much we do not want to get in the way of conversations, as moderators we reserve the right to remove posts that are harmful to the community and which do not abide by the spirit of our community guidelines. If we make a decision to remove a post, we strive to be as transparent as possible in explaining our reasoning for doing so.


    The Agreement

    As a member of the Mindful Schools Community, I am joining with the intention to connect, share and discuss among other practicing mindfulness educators around the world. I am committed to communicating with kindness, openness, and respect. 

    As a community member, I agree to do the following:

    • Work together to build learning environments that inspire focused attention, self-reflection, and compassion – and to do my best to realize these values in my own practice, in this community, and in my school community.
    • Bring presence, intentionality and kindness into all of my interactions in this community space.
    • Uphold the Mindful Schools community guidelines.



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